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We support the visions and dreams of small business owners 

Our mission is simple – Provide personalized cutting-edge affordable business development counseling to entrepreneurs who have limited business development resources to be able to launch their visions, expand their business models, and protect their financial interests while propelling them as sustainable competitors in the market.

Our Vision


By offering affordable business development counseling services with excellence, we aspire to engage future entrepreneurs in the United States and around the globe using Breaux’s products and services.

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Service With Excellence

H.R. Consulting

Launching a business is an exciting experience for many business owners. It opens your mind to the promise of a brighter future, but it has its downside. Often, business owners get overwhelmed and start losing focus on other important items to secure an expansive business. 

Business Consulting

Ensuring your business survives means making smart and calculated business decisions. Many businesses go under due to a lack of experience and guidance in their day-to-day affairs. Breaux’s gives new and first-time business owners a chance to survive by filling the role of the old wise advisor.

Professional Document & Training

Breaux believes in totally preparing our clients for success, and therefore, we offer professional documenting services for your specified business needs. Whether you need a specific H.R. document or a business-related document, we can deliver on your business wishes.

Customized Personal Training

Breaux’s aims to see its clients succeed, we do this by creating customized trainings to enhance the company's uniformity. These trainings teach office ethics as well as how to relate with customers. Participating in these courses will minimize your company’s risk of lawsuits and negative publicity.

Meet Our Founder:
Leslie Breaux

Leslie Breaux brings over 14 years of Human Resource and Operations Management experiences and education along with a solid commitment to support the company's efforts to achieve success.  Ms. Breaux is a dedicated H.R. professional who has successfully recruited, hired, trained, and managed during various assignments in Texas, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Louisiana. She is described as an individual who leads by example and motivates her team by displaying an exemplary level of enthusiasm, integrity, and dedication to her truly inspiring work. Leslie's motto is "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." 



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