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Who Are We?

Breaux’s is a company dedicated to giving start-up businesses a chance in the gruesome business world. While you may have that bright idea, many young entrepreneurs lack the skills or the experience to start up a business successfully. Many businesses make the mistake of ignoring several important factors at the early stage, hoping that as the business grows, they will address such matters. We believe doing that has already set you up on the wrong path, away from growth and business success. Breaux is here, so you do not have to push such important matters to the future. Our team of inspired professionals who have seen the business world will hold your hands through this process. We are here to ensure your business has the best chances of surviving.


Starting a business means a lot, and from experience, we understand that going alone isn't the best path. You need all the help you can get. Not only will we deliver service with excellence, but we will be that business friend you need.


Administrative Support

Leslie Breaux

Owner & Founder

Leslie Breaux brings over 14 years of Human Resource and Operations Management experiences and education along with a solid commitment to support the company's efforts to achieve success.  Ms. Breaux is a dedicated H.R. professional who has successfully recruited, hired, trained, and managed during various assignments in Texas, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Louisiana. She is described as an individual who leads by example and motivates her team by displaying an exemplary level of enthusiasm, integrity, and dedication to her truly inspiring work. Leslie's motto is "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." 


Ms. Breaux holds a Master of Management/Human Resources Degree, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and an Associate Science in Legal Studies.  Ms. Breaux is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., as well as mentoring children and young women in her community and church.  Ms. Breaux's experience, education, philanthropy, and network makes her well equipped to serve at the helm of BHRBC

Ella B. Savoy

Ella is a retired education paraprofessional. She worked in special needs education for over 20 years.  During her years as a paraprofessional, Ella served in the local community and assisted students while rotating thru several schools. She has also served as a mentor to pre-school students, preparing them for 1st grade. In addition, Ella has worked with disabled adults, where she was responsible for transporting clients to their job sites, doctor appointments, and other places as required. Her outstanding customer service, winning smile, and exemplary attention to detail makes her an asset to Breaux’s and our clients.

Director of Consulting

I. Finney

Mr. Finney has consulted in HR Management and Business Operations for more than 30 years and holds a Bachelor of Science.  He has managed operations, training, and staffing of more than 500 offices across North America and parts of Canada. He was assigned to assist in educational and testing center development in the United Kingdom while based out of Manchester, England. He has been the developer of streamlining business operations for several major Fortune 500 Corporations and developed training programs for new employees. A dedicated mentor and job coach, Mr. Finney has helped thousands advance in their education and prepare for the workforce.  He also serves as Vice President of Operations for his church and provides tutoring services in mathematics and science to primary and secondary students. Mr. Finney is committed to service with professionalism and integrity.

Business Engagement Leaders

Financial Analyst

Kevin Grewal

Mr. Grewal serves as a financial analyst and consultant for BHBRC.  Mr. Grewal started his career as an analyst and eventually portfolio manager for a small hedge fund, has served as the CFO for two startup organizations where he successfully led in capital raises and the acquisition of both companies.  In addition, Mr. Grewal has served as an assistant vice president for a middle-market investment bank, strategic advisor and operating partner for a private equity fund and board member for various companies across numerous industries.  Mr. Grewal has a Series 79, investment bankers, license, a MBA with a concentration in Finance and Tax and a BS in Biology and Business Administration.

Training & Development Consultant

John Lomax

Mr. John Lomax is a higher education professional with more than 10 years of experience working as a financial aid executive. He’s also a college instructor teaching freshman orientation. His classes prepare students for the rigors of college life and obtaining academic success in college. Higher education was instrumental in John finding his calling in life. “An education is one of the few things in life that no one can ever take from you.” It’s about so much more than the degree you receive at the end of the journey. It changes how you perceive things and people – your entire outlook on life. John holds two associate degrees in Management and Marketing as well as a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Business Administration. Teaching others about the importance of financial stability and generational wealth is a major passion for John. He is also a licensed realtor as well as owner/operator of JL Legacy Investments LLC, a real estate investment firm. “When we KNOW much more, we can DO much more!”




Marketing Team

Mariah Woodward

Mrs. Woodward serves as the Creative Director for BHBRC.  Mariah is the owner and creative director of Tulips & Ivory. She specializes in photography, content creation, branding, and creating personalized products. Her main focus is growing the sphere of influence of small businesses and creating a personalized brand story for her clients.

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